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Group sues PA for violating state’s Environmental Rights Amendment

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In 2017, Pennsylvania’s environmental laws were turned upside down when the state Supreme Court ruled that the state, and possibly municipalities, were trustees of public lands and required to protect them for future generations.

Seizing on that broad and still unsettled mandate, the Pennsylvania Environmental Defense Foundation is suing the state agency responsible for 2.2 million acres of state forests, saying it is violating its stewardship obligation by leasing public forestland for the hydraulic fracturing of natural gas.

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About Wildlife + Habitat

The Chesapeake Bay region supports more than 2,700 species of plants and animals, including 348 species of finfish and 173 species of shellfish.

It is also home to at least 29 species of waterfowl. Nearly one million waterfowl winter on the Bay – approximately one-third of the Atlantic coast’s migratory population. The birds stop to feed and rest on the Bay during their annual migration along the Atlantic Flyway.

Nearly 80,000 acres of bay grasses grow in the shallows of the Bay and its tributaries. Young and molting blue crabs rely on bay grass beds for protection from predators.

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