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Taking Nature Black celebrates environmental action

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The Audubon Naturalist Society hosted its third Taking Nature Black conference on Feb. 27 in Chevy Chase, MD. And for the third time since the inaugural conference in 2016, the number of participants doubled.

The biannual conference, designed to give African Americans in the environmental field a space to share ideas, network, and support one another, has begun drawing attention from across the country as well.

Conference organizer Caroline Brewer said in-person registration hit capacity three weeks before the event, and they are looking for a larger venue in 2022.

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About Pollution

Nutrient pollution, the nitrogen and phosphorus that originates from farms, wastewater treatment plants, stormwater runoff and air pollution, is a major source of pollution to the Chesapeake. In the Bay, they spur growth of algae blooms which block sunlight needed by important underwater grass beds. When the algae dies, they are decomposed in a process that depletes the water of oxygen needed by other species.

Sediment eroded from the land and streambanks degrades stream health and reduces water clarity. Toxins and other chemical contaminants also pose a direct threat to fish throughout the Bay and its watershed.

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