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St. Mary’s County, MD, issues moratorium on use of commercial docks for new aquaculture leases

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Responding to complaints from waterfront homeowners, officials in St. Mary’s County, MD, voted Tuesday to impose a six-month moratorium on using commercial docks to work any new state-issued aquaculture leases that would raise oysters in cages or floats.

“Right at the time when watermen need a real option, we’re about to make it harder for them,” said J.D. Blackwell, owner of 38North Oysters in St. Mary’s County.

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Managing the Chesapeake Bay requires sound policies that reduce pollution and protect ecosystems within it’s 64,000-square-mile watershed. Those policies — often expensive — not only need to be scientifically sound, but must be defensible in the political process at the national, state and local levels. A robust debate is often part of that process. Ultimately, the success of efforts to protect the region’s environment require both sound policy making and political support.

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