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Pennsylvania plan still fails to meet Chesapeake cleanup goals

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Pennsylvania officials say they are committed to meeting their share of Chesapeake Bay cleanup goals, but their final draft plan falls far short of outlining how they will do it.

The plan, which was endorsed Aug. 16 by the state’s Watershed Implementation Plan Steering Committee, would meet the goals for reducing phosphorus pollution by the 2025 cleanup deadline. But it would fail to meet the goal for nitrogen reduction by more than 9 million pounds a year — more than the entire remaining reduction sought for Maryland. 

The plan also outlines a $324 million-a-year funding shortfall, which was significantly larger than the estimate in the draft released earlier this year.

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Managing the Chesapeake Bay requires sound policies that reduce pollution and protect ecosystems within it’s 64,000-square-mile watershed. Those policies — often expensive — not only need to be scientifically sound, but must be defensible in the political process at the national, state and local levels. A robust debate is often part of that process. Ultimately, the success of efforts to protect the region’s environment require both sound policy making and political support.

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