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Chesapeake Bay Foundation celebrates 40 years of immersing students in watershed experiences

Forty years ago this fall, a group of school teachers arrived at the remote fishing village of Tylerton, MD, on Smith Island with their sleeping bags. Then, they put on old sneakers and walked into the nearby salt marshes.

Those teachers from Baltimore County were the first group to participate in the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Smith Island education program, which was created in September 1978. Almost simultaneously, the CBF launched its Baltimore education program. Both programs are celebrating their 40th anniversaries.

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From individual actions, to our collective impact as a society, we can influence the environment in positive or negative ways. Many individuals lead through example, by altering their everyday habits to reduce their impact or by volunteering to clean up and restore local streams and ecosystems.

But the cumulative impacts of the 17 million people who live in the Chesapeake Bay watershed poses an ongoing threat to the Bay and its tributaries.

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