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Pitting landowners against sportsmen is bad public policy

Last summer, I asked the Virginia Game Commission, the governing body for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF), to clarify where anglers can safely fish in Virginia without fear of being sued. The impetus for the letter was North South Development versus Garden, a case in Allegheny County, Va., that pitted a riparian landowner against a wading angler on...

Reduction, bait fisheries await menhaden harvest ruling

James Kellum sat uncomfortably in an overstuffed chair in the ante room of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Alexandria, VA, fidgeting with his tie. His large frame strained at the confines of his dark suit, making Kellum look perhaps more like a former professional football player than the commercial fisherman he has been for more than 20 years.

He left his home in Reedville, VA, at 4...

The Most Confusing Fish in the Sea

Although the hard science isn't conclusive and there are strongly opposing points of view, a regional fishery management group has reduced harvests for menhaden, the oily little fish that is food for many other fish and the target of a large commercial fishery. Ultimately, that may be the wisest course, notes Beau Beasley, a writer who has closely followed the issue.


VA’s South River runs free for first time in more than a century

While a pair of heavy-duty earth movers lumbered back and forth across the rocky stream bed of the South River like busy, destructive beavers, a hydraulic hammer chipped away at the old Rife-Loth Dam's moss-covered limestone walls. It was a symphony of metal scraping stone, only occasionally interrupted when the giant hammer stopped pulsing and the sound of rushing waters...

ASMFC votes to reduce commercial menhaden landings

Conservationists, recreational anglers and commercial fishermen have long argued over just how many menhaden to leave in the water. In November, East Coast fishery managers - after years of debate - finally weighed in with an answer: They want the commercial fisheries to leave almost twice as many adult fish in the water to help maintain the menhaden population and provide...

Rod, reel & lawyer: Fishing in VA waters may be dangerous to one’s wallet

Dargan Coggeshall's legal troubles began in June 2010, when he and Charlie Crawford decided to fish on the Jackson River near the home of Dr. John Feldenzer, a surgeon from Roanoke, Va. Matt Sponaugle, the owner of a housing development called River's Edge, who had sold the riverfront property to the Feldenzers, insisted that the anglers leave that section of the river immediately....

About Beau Beasley

Beau Beasley is a freelance writer and the author of “Fly Fishing Virginia: A No Nonsense Guide to Top Waters.”


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