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2017 Taste celebrates great food, even greater environmentalists

As the summer gets under way, the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay is preparing for our annual celebration — the Taste of the Chesapeake! This year’s Taste takes place Sept. 14 on the stunning rooftop of the Belcher Pavilion at the Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis.

You will not want to miss this event: I will be saying a fond farewell as I step down from full-time...

Our streams could just die for more riparian forest buffers

A few weeks ago, the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay hosted a forum in Buckeystown, MD, where more than 100 representatives from federal and state agencies, nonprofits and businesses, as well as the scientific and farming communities, met to discuss riparian buffers.

This community of conservationists has been planting trees along waterways for more than 25 years. Sometimes, it...

To make Chesapeake great again, red & blue must strive for green

All of us awoke on Nov. 9 to some unexpected feelings. Whether you felt joy or fear, the future seemed a bit more uncertain. That uncertainty extends to the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed as well.

For nearly 50 years, the environmental community has been involved in a conversation about cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers and streams. We have...

Alliance honors Schueler, Whitescarver on its 45th anniversary

The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay was founded in 1971 by a diverse group of citizens concerned about the declining health of their beloved Chesapeake Bay.

They represented business, agriculture, conservation, academia and government. Originally named “The Citizens Program for the Chesapeake,” this group was a catalyst for the creation of today’s Chesapeake Bay Program led by...

Let’s drink to brewery’s plans to help restore the Chesapeake

Brewers can be anchors in the community — think neighborhood pub — and influential, connected parts of our local and regional culture. Besides the social qualities, breweries are also significant contributors to the region’s economy. But brewers can also be creative messengers for the causes that are important to watershed residents, like clean water and healthy rivers.


It’s time to put more focus on watershed’s healthy streams

Most people understand, intuitively, that the ability to clean up the Chesapeake Bay is dependent on what we accomplish in its 64,000-square-mile watershed. The watershed is the primary focus for the improvements (best management practices) that make up the complex strategies that government agencies are using to reduce pollution from the land and our use of it.

It is also a...

Achieving stewardship goal is essential to Chesapeake cleanup

I have written in the past about my personal belief in the power of citizen action. This is a core element of the Alliance mission and brings strength to our many partnerships, and efforts are under way to create a regional strategy that could help to bring greater attention to the value of citizen action and point the way to greater investments in cultivating this power to...

Efforts to plant more streamside forest buffers need to branch out

For the last 20 years, from the mountain valleys and rolling hills of the Piedmont to the sandy Coastal Plain, farmers have been planting trees — millions of them.

Since the Chesapeake Bay Program set its first goal for riparian forest buffers in 1996, close to 8,000 miles of 35– to 100-foot-wide strips of trees have been planted along the streams and rivers that make their way...

Everyone needs to participate for an environmentally just Bay

The idea of watershed stewardship — local citizens engaged in restoration — has never gotten enough credit as a means to achieving a healthy Chesapeake.

Since the infancy of Bay restoration, the issues of habitat degradation, poor water quality and unsustainable fisheries, as well as forming the policies to address them, have drawn the attention of the watershed’s leaders. News...

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