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Alison Gillespie

Benjamin Banneker: Astronomer, surveyor, agriculturalist

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There is a little-known museum and park in Maryland where you can learn about a man whose story deserves telling.

Benjamin Banneker, an African-American astronomer who helped survey the boundaries of Washington, DC, and once implored Thomas Jefferson to change his views on race, made his home at this Baltimore County site near present-day Catonsville on the Patuxent River....

Clams reveal toxic hot spots in Anacostia, D.C. creeks

During a recent rush hour near the District of Columbia's northeastern corner, a scientist stood along the water's edge trying to be heard above the urban din. Cars merged onto the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, and day laborers flashed past, heading home with lunch coolers strapped to the handlebars of their bikes. In the background, a small cement valley constructed more than 50...

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Alison Gillespie writes from her home in Silver Spring, MD.


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