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Documentary delves into rising sea level’s toll on culture, habitat

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What happens when land that has been farmed or built upon for more than 300 years, and hunted and fished for thousands of years before that, becomes open water? What happens when nuisance flooding becomes prevalent and undermines roads to such an extent that the cost of fixing them cannot be justified by local government? What happens when one of the most popular national...

Poultry expansion on VA Shore draws scrutiny after Tyson plant pollution

The poultry industry’s growing footprint on Virginia’s Eastern Shore is getting new scrutiny from regulators and activists after a head-turning decision by a state regulatory body to demand harsher punishment for pollution violations at a chicken-processing plant.

The Virginia State Water Control Board, a citizen body appointed by the governor, this summer rejected state...

Fish are cool with frozen Bay – Slideshow: Ice on the Bay

For much of February and into March, the Chesapeake Bay was covered with ice. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ four ice-breakers were in high demand, working in the Severn River, Tangier Sound, the Kent Narrows area and the mid-Bay areas around the Choptank River.

Commercial fishermen struggled. Tangier and Smith island were iced in for days. One waterman lost his...

Pond paddle provides lovely setting for photos

I always try to get out and make some photos on the solstices and equinoxes,  and an assignment to illustrate a story about Trap Pond allowed me to chase the morning light there a few hours after this year’s Autumnal equinox.   It’s an amazingly beautiful patch of wild Delaware near Laurel and will be featured in the November issue of the Bay Journal.   The pond, created in the...

More adult sturgeon turning up on the Marshyhope

Groggy from a dose of anesthesia administered by biologists from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the large sturgeon nudged against my kayak on a beautiful late summer morning on Marshyhope Creek. It then swam along the surface, looking very much like the ancient species that it is — or maybe something out of a Jules Verne novel — and finally dove deeper into the...

Fleeting change is good

In his poem, "To the Thawing Wind," Robert Frost wrote about the southwest winds that announced the beginning of spring around his snowy New England farm. The snowbanks would steam; the warmth of the sun could be felt through the windows; the white landscape would turn to brown. He concludes the poem by asking the wind to "Scatter poems on the floor; Turn the poet out of door."...

Order of Chaos

Photographers go to great lengths to make order out of chaos. A good photograph has a strong point of view, clean lines, generally good composition. In this case chaos IS the point. Anyone who has ever witnessed a flock of snow geese erupt into flight knows that the sight and sounds of those birds says chaos to the extreme.    This flock was photographed with a 200mm lens, 2x...

January morning along the Choptank River

It was a very cold pre dawn January morning along the Choptank River.   Out to capture some winter scenes (since we didn't really have winter last year). I found this ice encrusted plant and made a photo in the early morning light.    Wanting more drama in the photo I waited until the rising sun barely kissed it and made another exposure. Sometimes is pays to wait for the...

Virginia oystermen in Kegotank Bay

I had been out most of the day photographing a pair of seaside Virginia oystermen in Kegotank Bay, near Gargatha Inlet and was generally pleased with the day's work.  The two watermen had been picking up clumps of oysters, breaking them apart with  culling hammers and saving the prime ones in wire baskets.    Having finished the last few photos of them off loading the oysters, I...

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Dave Harp is the staff photographer for the Bay Journal. He began his career as the staff photographer for the Hagerstown Morning Herald and was later the photographer for The Baltimore Sun Magazine for nearly a decade before establishing his own photography business in 1990. His magazine credits include The New York Times Magazine, Smithsonian, Audubon, Sierra, Natural History, Islands, Travel Holiday, and Coastal Living Magazine. His book credits include “Swanfall,” “Water’s Way: Life Along the Chesapeake,” “The Great Marsh: An Intimate Journey into a Chesapeake Wetland,” and “The Nanticoke: Portrait of a Chesapeake River.” He is a past president of the American Society of Media Photographers.

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