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Baltimore preparing a TMDL to clean up trash in its water

Walking along Gwynns Falls Trail with Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper Tina Meyers, it's ironic that we pass a beige, beat-up, overturned residential trash can lying by the tree line. We're on our way to survey the Gwynns Falls stream where it meets the Middle Branch of the Baltimore Harbor. Soaking rain falls steadily — it's the kind of day that carries trash down storm drains and...

Summer, the season for discovery

Summer is nearly here, and during those hot-weather months, kids across the mid-Atlantic will explore their local rivers or the Chesapeake Bay for the first time. They'll find lush riparian zones, herons stalking shallow-water prey, crayfish hiding in cool creeks, and silky marsh mud squishing between their toes.

Restore the Bay so we can clean up even more in the tourism industry

If cleaning up our ecosystems for the health of the planet doesn't motivate action, perhaps we should consider this: Investing in our ecosystems is investing in future tourism. Tourism, which brings in millions of dollars to our local economies, relies on a clean environment.

People who come to Maryland and Virginia expect to eat local crabs and local oysters, said Alison Prost,...

It’s not easy being green while keeping budget in the black

We've tightened our grasp on our pocketbooks since the economy tumbled, and we wonder, has stingier spending made us a lighter shade of green than we used to be?

When we shop, we can choose organic fruit, products with less packaging, green cleaners (or the ingredients to make our own), cage-free eggs and free-range meat. We can choose to spend the extra few thousand on a hybrid...

Fruiful decisions celebrate the seasons, regional agriculture

Polishing a pink lady on my sleeve, I take a bite into my first fresh-picked apple of autumn. The crisp crunch echoes sounds of raspy, fallen leaves underfoot. Fall is apple-picking time.

It's a tradition I've adopted for the past handful of years, harvesting my own apples by the bagful at a local apple orchard. I delight in twisting firm fruits off woody stems, taking my time as...

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Carrie Madren's avatar Nick Carter is a retired Maryland Department of Natural Resources biologist.


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