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Reopen CREP: Help a farmer and you help the Chesapeake

In the most recent Bay Barometer report released by the Chesapeake Bay Program, one metric tracking progress toward a healthy Bay stands out: With a goal to plant forested buffers along 900 miles of streams each year, the Bay states in 2017 planted just 56 miles. It was the lowest annual planting total in 22 years.

Forested streamside buffers remain one of the most cost-effective...

EPA, MDE need to address contamination at Sparrows Point

The employees of the Sparrows Point steel mill in Baltimore currently out of work may not be the only ones negatively affected by owner RG Steel LLC's recent filing for bankruptcy. Neighbors of the site, including the communities of Turner's Station, North Point and Dundalk, who have long expressed concerns about the impacts of present and historic releases of toxic chemicals...

Nutrient trading - done right - is essential for achieving Bay TMDL

Nutrient trading is premised on the fact that the cost to reduce water pollution differs between pollution sources. Under a nutrient trading program, an entity that is able to economically reduce its annual pollutant discharges below the allocated level can sell their "surplus" reductions (called "credits") to other sources facing higher pollution reduction costs.

If done well,...

Bay model is a perfectly useful tool for guiding Bay cleanup

"Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful."
- George Box

This quote, attributed to Box, a statistician, is frequently cited by modelers, particularly in presentations to non-modelers. The point being that no matter how good a particular model is, it will never be perfect.

Over the last year, I have found myself (a non-modeler) thinking about this quote in...

Toxic pollution from Sparrow Point has gone on long enough

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper and local citizens recently issued a Notice of Intent to sue over environmental violations at the Sparrows Point Steel Facility in Baltimore. My history with this site dates back to 1996 when I participated in a University of Maryland study that analyzed the chemical concentrations and toxicity of sediment samples from...

Unlike Virginia, Pennsylvania’s trading policy short changes the Bay

Recent policy actions in Pennsylvania and Virginia are moving the topic of nutrient trading (aka: water quality trading) from concept to reality. The discussions surrounding these initiatives have unleashed a vigorous debate about the key components of successful trading programs.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation commends both Virginia and Pennsylvania for their commitment to...

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Ted Wolfe is the Maryland Program Coordinator at the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay.


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