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You might never see DC’s official bird, but hearing it could be just enough

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It’s breeding season, and the District of Columbia’s official bird, the wood thrush, is back in town. Its unusually beautiful call begins just before dawn and can be heard throughout the day in Rock Creek Park and other heavily wooded areas.

It’s understandable if you think bald eagle when asked about the identity of the official DC bird. The eagle is the designated national...

Golf courses working to become more friendly for area’s birdies, eagles

The Forest Greens Golf Course proclaims on its website: “A Virginia Department of Conservation Environmentally Friendly Golf Facility.”

This kind of notice is becoming more common for golf courses in the Bay region as managers for one of the United State’s favorite sports see the benefits of reducing applications of fertilizers and pesticides, using less water, and...

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Chris Moore is the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s senior regional ecosystem scientist.


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