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Implementation of new Coast Guard ballast water regs doomed to fail

Karl Blankenship’s article, Organisms in ballast water increasing despite discharge measures, (June 2017) summarizes recent research into why tens of billions of nonnative aquatic organisms introduced into the Chesapeake each year in the ballast water discharged by ships visiting Bay ports pose a significant and growing threat to the Bay’s health. That research showed an alarming...

Compelling look at why voluntary strategies aren’t in Patuxent’s best interest

The Patuxent River is the largest river totally contained in Maryland, and its watershed is often considered to be a microcosm of the Chesapeake Bay’s watershed.

Nutrient discharges are threatening the health of this river in ways that have been known for at least 25 years. During this period, federal, state and county governments have been entering into agreements, signing...

WTO rules create Farm Bill opportunities for Bay farmers

Even the most optimistic Chesapeake Bay restoration advocate is beginning to understand that the federal government is not going to come up with the $15 billion or $20 billion in Bay restoration funds that were recommended by the Chesapeake Bay Blue Ribbon Finance Panel. New strategies are clearly needed.

Recently, the Bay restoration community, led by the Chesapeake Bay...

Economic research shows that sparing the rod spoils the Bay

With all of the attention being given to scientific questions about whether the health of the Chesapeake is bad or very bad, there has hardly been time to focus on a more important public policy question: Why have years of highly publicized intergovernmental agreements and voluntary alliances, partnerships, and stakeholder initiatives left the Bay in such bad or very bad shape?


About Dennis M King

Marissa Spratley is the communications specialist for the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay.


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