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Parasitic pipelines worm way through Earth

Burrowing beneath the skin of the Earth all across the United States, new oil and gas pipelines are erupting in a rash of environmental destruction. More than 20,000 miles of new pipelines were built between 1998 and 2008, and tens of thousands more are under construction or proposed. Extreme energy extraction through hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for shale gas and oil demands...

Citizen voices protected George Washington National Forest

Living next door to the 1.1-million acre George Washington National Forest, along the mountainous Virginia/West Virginia border, has both pros and cons.

Pros are clean air and water, many more tree neighbors than people, and the right of every citizen to tell the government how to manage this beautiful public forest.

Snug & smug with solar power: Keeping on the sunny side of storms

All around, millions of people are losing electric power as trees and other inappropriate objects crash down on power lines. It doesn't matter anymore what storm it is. At least three recent storms of apocalyptic dimensions have slammed into the East Coast, and more record-breaking ferocity is being predicted. Traffic lights don't work. Stores can't process credit/debit cards....

Eastern Cougartown:  Return of a Native Predator

On June 11 last year, a cougar was killed on a Connecticut highway, raising questions about whether the big cats have begun to reestablish themselves in the East, and whether that would be a good development. Chris Bolgiano is a co-founder of the Cougar Rewilding Foundation and author of \"Mountain Lion: An Unnatural History of Pumas and People.\"

Power to the people! Girding oneself for getting off the grid

It's a gorgeous day full of singing birds and sunlight. Beautiful, streaming sunlight. Soon the photovoltaic system that added some aggression to my passive solar house in the mountains of western Virginia will be 1-year-old, the time of reckoning.

Getting off the grid has always been nirvana for 1970s back-to-the-landers like me. With net-metering-a 21st century update of the...

On the road to ruin

In answer to the ages-old question, the bear crossed the road to get away from his parents. He was no chicken.

Like adolescents of many species, this young male black bear had a powerful urge to leave home. His mother’s growing hostility, his father’s intolerant rule over surrounding territory and his own instinct to explore propelled him out into an unfamiliar world.

He was...

About Chris Bolgiano

Hilary Harp Falk is the Regional Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic for the National Wildlife Federation


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