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Hidden costs behind energy production can be priceless

Our unquenchable thirst for fossil fuels is costing us more than five-buck gas. It is costing us our Appalachian Highlands.

Right now, our lust for coal dust is blowing the tops off mountains; the dynamited rock that used to be ridge line is bulldozed into valleys and buries more miles of streams and more brook trout than I can stand to ponder.

Meanwhile, the hottest natural gas...

Hear ye, hear ye for some really sound science

Moving into a new place on a main road has me thinking a lot about sound. This is more than mere pondering of things that suddenly go thump and bump in the night. (Who knew, by the way, that there are so many subwoofers in the trunks of U.S. cars?) It extends to the ambient, the noise that never goes away.

We suffer greatly at this offense in our modern times, whether from traffic,...

Money may not grow on urban trees, but they sure help to save it

I was unsure if the scene was a comedy or tragedy, but there was no doubt about its irony.

Consider it: Where once stood about 35 of the oldest, broadest-branched trees in a District of Columbia neighborhood that already had too few, a gang of men and bulldozers cut them all down and piled them all up in an afternoon.

The kicker came as the workers in hard hats strung vinyl...

MD preservationists win in Frederick, lose in Prince George’s

Legal protections for properties of potential archaeological significance that are facing development pressures in the Chesapeake Bay watershed grew in geographic scope but lost a real-world test this summer.

In what was hailed as “a historical moment” by the city’s historical preservation planner, the Board of Aldermen in Frederick, MD, unanimously passed amendments to the...

Future of the past pits preservationists against developers

Centuries ago, when Native Americans were the principal inhabitants of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, many bands favored riparian settlement sites, owing to their fertile soils, defensible positions and proximity to food sources and transportation routes. Albeit for different reasons, many of the watershed’s contemporary inhabitants also favor waterfront dwellings.

At two such...

Wind farms in Eastern Highlands planned, panned

From some of the thickest West Virginia wilderness and the highest peak in Maryland, people may soon see wind turbines spinning and blinking on the horizon.

South of three established Pennsylvania wind farms, Somerset, Mill Run and Garrett, which combined generate enough emission-free electricity to power approximately 8,000 homes, a half-dozen more wind turbine sites are under...

Wind turbine proposals for Atlantic Coast face challenges

A New York-based company hopes to receive federal permits to build thousands of hulking steel and fiberglass wind turbines at several sites off the Atlantic shoreline, from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia to New England.

But plans for the non-polluting power source are running into opposition in many places from environmentalists, who contend the towers — each...

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Ron Klauda retired from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources in 2014. He lives on a “beautiful peninsula,” Calvert County, MD


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