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Blankenship gets CBF Lifetime Achievement Award

When I think of the great attributes of the Chesapeake Bay, I think of its diversity, nearly 3,200 of species of plants and animals. I think of its shallowness, guaranteeing its amazing productivity. I think of its bountiful fisheries, extensive forests and vast marshes. I think of the amazing cast of characters who have assembled to protect it. That is when I think of Karl...

We must prove our commitment to blue crab as well as crabbers

The July 23 effective date of new Maryland commercial crabbing regulations prompted a flurry of media coverage from L.A. to Crisfield, depicting the Chesapeake’s blue crab situation as an example of the classic conflict between fishermen and fisheries managers.

Many who earn a living fishing the Bay believe that the low harvests result from a waning of the natural cycle of crab...

About Ann Swanson

Ann Swanson is executive director of the Chesapeake Bay Commission and is a previous winner of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Conservationist of the Year Award.


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