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Billy Mills

Why is the Bay Program gun-shy when Virginia resources are under fire?

Much like the beleaguered Bay itself, the Chesapeake Bay Program continues to exhibit growing and more frequent “dead zones.”

The most obvious and dangerous threat to the once-heralded collaborative’s survival as a viable public-private partnership, is the lack of a conspicuously passionate advocacy.

In Virginia, at least, were it not for the steady dialogue and comprehensive...

VA natural resources protected in courts, not General Assembly

With Virginia’s rancorous and divisive 2004 General Assembly session finally ended, one cannot help but look back to see if indeed anything of real substance was accomplished, at least in terms of Bay and river protection issues. Given the session’s generally myopic focus on all things budgetary, this is a valid question for the citizens of the commonwealth.

The short answer is...

VIMS report details how to meet, miss VA Bay commitments

Many of us in Virginia and across the Bay region, for whom protecting and restoring the Bay is paramount, were buoyed when Gov. Mark Warner, in his January 2002 inaugural address, committed his administration to meeting all of Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay commitments and identified the crafting of a comprehensive water policy for the commonwealth as an administrative priority.


Army Corps of Engineers shoots down efforts to preserve Bay

In a stunning and incredulous Oct. 1 reversal of a Norfolk District Corps decision, Brig. Gen. Stephen Rhoades of the Army Corps’ North Atlantic Division removed any doubt as to the Corps’ long-standing and continuing institutional bias that favors infrastructure construction and development at the expense of the Bay’s complex of natural resources.

The issue at hand was...

Virginia’s back in business for a better Chesapeake Bay

Virginia is today a partner-on-the-mend after an eight-year assault upon the very foundations of her longstanding commitment to resource protection and an enduring tradition of stewardship of and for the Chesapeake Bay.

To appreciate this fully, one has only to witness the recent selection and appointment of the highly respected Tayloe Murphy as Virginia’s new secretary of...

2000 Bay pact: Will we play our hand now or just shuffle?

Like many others across the Bay region, I have been wrestling with the draft of the Chesapeake 2000 Bay Agreement to chime in with “my two cents worth” before the close of the comment period.

Armed with a copy of the draft, some informative and insightful documents, mailings, and analysis pieces courtesy of the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and...

We should all have reservations about insult to VA tribes

It’s getting harder these days to overlook or dismiss all of the hype and hoopla for Virginia’s Celebration 2007, the elaborate, statewide event that will commemorate the 400th anniversary of the settlement of Jamestown. The task is made all the more difficult, if not impossible, knowing in our hearts that even after nearly 400 years of exploitive interaction and close contact,...

Regional equity needs to enter Mattaponi withdrawal debate

It’s not too late to interject a dose of plain talk, common sense and perhaps, even a notion of equity into the rancorous debate surrounding Newport News Waterworks’ quest for Mattaponi River water for a proposed reservoir in the Cohoke Valley of King William County, VA.

Newport News is desperately scrambling to put a positive “spin” on a highly critical, 1998 U.S. Army...

About Billy Mills

Billy Mills is executive director of the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers Association.


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