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Gary Allen

Sustainable forests at the root of achieving Bay’s restoration

Maryland gained forefront status in the Bay watershed on May 7 with the signing into law of Senate Bill 549-the Sustainable Forestry Act of 2009-sponsored by Sen. Roy Dyson.

This act is designed to realize one goal-the retention of privately owned forest lands within Maryland consistent with and responsive to the 2007 Forestry Conservation Initiative signed by the Chesapeake Bay...

Steps to broaden local government participation in the Bay cleanup

Editor's note: This is adapted from a presentation by Gary Allen, chairman of the Bay Program's Local Government Advisory Committee, to the Chesapeake Bay Commission earlier this year.

Some 1,653 local governments are located in the Bay watershed. They range dramatically in size and capacity to undertake projects in support of the Bay Program. The local role in Bay protection...

About Gary Allen

Gary G. Allen is chair of the Partnership for Sustainable Forestry, an alliance of forestry, business and conservation organizations whose primary objective is to promote the prudent and sustainable management of Maryland’s rural and urban forest resources through advocacy, education, awareness and collaboration.


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