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What gives agriculture the right to pollute our natural resources?

After talking about it for years, Maryland finally proposed long-overdue regulations on manure pollution by submitting the new phosphorous management tool.

The rivers of the Eastern Shore continue to decline in water quality as fields containing excess chicken manure continue to drain into our waterways.

Letters to the Editor

The Maryland Department of the Environment, in response to the recent article on beach monitoring,“To be safe, surf the Internet before swimming at the beach,” (July-August 2013), would like to provide additional information to help readers make informed choices about swimming in natural waters.

The MDE oversees beach monitoring in Maryland and works with local jurisdictions to...

Letters to the Editor

We don't need fines to solve litter problem

As the manager of a riverside park for more than 30 years, I have a different understanding of the role of law enforcement in the control of litter and dumping than the one presented in "Tired of getting dumped on, initiative gets tough on trash," (January-February 2013).

Letters to the Editor

DNR perch policies show lack of knowledge as to how market works

Commentary misrepresents job losses at Omega Protein

Letter to the Editor

Remember, it takes two crabs to tango

I have just read the article, "Decreasing male to female blue crab ratio concerns scientists" (July–August, 2012).

Protecting the landscape a never-ending battle

Thanks for your coverage of the Cross-County Connector (See “MDE denies permit to build road through Mattawoman watershed,” December 2011), and congratulations to the many voices supporting the protection of Mattawoman Creek, a VIT (very important tributary).

Let me remind you, however, that the Intercounty Connector (ICC) between Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties was...

Immigration is a moral, environmental issue

You have shown real courage in running a series of articles by Tom Horton. Horton is in a class by himself, having concluded in "Turning the Tide" that the Chesapeake Bay cannot be saved if its watershed population continues to grow at projected rates. (His conclusion was not endorsed by his publisher, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.)

Now you have gone a step further by...

Poultry power article needed to discuss facilities’ impacts; Don’t solve water woes by polluting the air

Poultry power article needed to discuss facilities' impacts

I read with interest Rona Kobell's article, "Poultry Power! Plants turning chicken litter into fuel, fertilizer," (September 2011) about turning poultry waste into an energy source. I was disappointed that the story did not further investigate the environmental record of Fibrowatt, nor the impacts to communities near...

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