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EPA letter criticizes Maryland over Chesapeake lawsuit threat

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In a letter to members of Congress, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday maintained its support for Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts while criticizing Maryland, which has threatened to take the agency to court.

The EPA’s letter said it “will continue to work diligently and professionally with all the jurisdictions and stakeholders engaged in supporting restoration...

EPA assurance fails to mollify concerns over PA cleanup

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials on Friday asserted their intent to achieve Chesapeake Bay cleanup goals by 2025, but they stopped short of promising any new regulatory actions aimed at prodding greater actions from Pennsylvania, where pollution control efforts are far behind schedule.

“I just want to assure everyone, we are fully committed to working with this...

Can the EPA enforce the Chesapeake Bay’s ‘pollution diet’?

Is the Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load and its cleanup deadline enforceable? The answer is complicated.

TMDLs are required for any “impaired” waterbody — one that does not meet standards set by a state to ensure a waterbody is safe for people and aquatic life.

A TMDL sets the maximum amount of a pollutant that the waterbody can receive and still meet those standards. The...

MD threatens to sue EPA, PA over lack of action as regional tensions rise

The year 2010 closed with the unveiling of a new Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan lauded by states, federal officials and environmentalists as the rigorous, concrete and enforceable plan that would finally deliver on the promise of a clean and healthy Bay.

Ten years later, a new decade has opened with the restoration effort unlikely to meet its deadline, the regional partnership mired...

Hogan ready to sue Pennsylvania, EPA over lagging cleanup effort

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on Wednesday called for his state to initiate legal actions against Pennsylvania, citing the “obvious inadequacy” of its Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan, and against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency which he said has “no intention” of forcing his northern neighbor to do more.

In a letter to state Attorney General Brian Frosh directing the action, the...

EPA confirms shortfalls in PA, NY Bay cleanup plans

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency confirmed on Thursday that plans produced by Pennsylvania and New York fall far short of meeting Chesapeake Bay cleanup goals.

But the agency did not call for any new actions against the states, although their shortfalls — especially Pennsylvania’s huge gap — means the region would miss its 2025 deadline to put in place all actions needed to...

Freshwater flows to Bay highest in 82 years of monitoring

The 12-month “water year” that ended September 30 had the highest river flows into the Chesapeake Bay since such monitoring began 82 years ago, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

On average, more than 974,000 gallons of fresh water surged into the Bay each second last year, which was also the second consecutive year that river flows in the Bay were above normal. It marks the...

Striped bass decline spurs new look at mycobacteria

When Wolfgang Vogelbein peered at striped bass sores through a microscope 22 years ago, he knew he was looking at something very different than what was grabbing headlines at the time.

Pfiesteria piscicida — the so-called “cell from hell” — was being blamed for fish kills in Maryland and making people sick.

But what Vogelbein saw through his lens wasn’t the result of a harmful...

Coalition to think beyond state borders to offset Conowingo flows

Here’s one of the toughest jobs in the Chesapeake Bay cleanup:

  • Write and enact a plan to eliminate millions of pounds of nutrient pollution washing into waterways.
  • Do it without duplicating the pollution reduction plans that states will be using to meet their own goals, which typically contain the cheapest and potentially most effective options.
  • Oh, and come up with a way to...
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