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Outreach strategies cropping up to help growing number of female farmers

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One of the biggest changes to the face of agriculture and forestry these days in Chesapeake Bay states is women. That new demographic is leading some environmental groups and government agencies to launch new strategies for engaging female decision makers in projects that help water quality.

The unprecedented numbers tell part of the tale. Approximately 59% of farmland in Maryland...

Turkey Hill Trail stuffed with views of Susquehanna, birds

Where can you find the largest pawpaw patch north of Maryland, trace an old railroad bed along the Susquehanna River, hear the swoosh of wind turbines and meander through vast flowering meadows?

And where, on the same hike, can you get a bird’s-eye view of one of the most important migratory stops for shorebirds and take in two killer views of the Susquehanna at its widest point,...

Rare Chesapeake logperch get first release into Lower Susquehanna stream

Just a few miles from where they were first discovered in 1842, about 100 globally rare Chesapeake logperch, raised in captivity, were released with great fanfare Sept. 27 into a tributary of the Susquehanna River in Lancaster County, PA.

A phalanx of government officials and members of conservation groups, all holding cameras, stood by in waders and rolled-up pants as the...

Groups work to stop brook trout from being the fish that got away

About 100 days a year, you will find Michael Garrigan by himself with a fly rod, sneaking along small mountain streams hoping to catch and hold, just for a few seconds, a small trout widely revered as the jewel of freshwater fish.

It’s not just the haloed dots, shadings and multi-hued colors of the wild brook trout that enthrall anglers like Garrigan, of Marietta, PA, though that...

Neighborly approach to stream buffers has ripple effect among Amish

Each spring after the fertile fields have been planted in Lancaster County, PA, more than 400 Plain Sect children and their families gather on a restored section of Mill Creek, a stream that flows through an area with the highest concentration of dairy cows in Pennsylvania.

It’s a wonderful display of community as the delighted youths pluck more than 400 recently stocked trout out...

Cruel world awaits neglected streamside buffers

The “green” plan for the new shopping center carved from a historic farm in Lancaster County, PA, looked impressive on paper and in the newspaper: hundreds of native trees and shrubs would be planted along a stream to benefit water quality and wildlife.

But on a hot summer day only a few months after the vegetation had been embedded into the ground, Ryan Davis walked among the...

Lower milk prices, demand taking toll on region’s dairy farmers

For many dairy farmers in Chesapeake Bay states, the financial screws keep tightening.

While grain farmers can be hurt by disastrous years such as 2018 when water-soaked fields resulted in zero yields for some, they are backed by crop insurance programs that help get them through year-to-year market fluctuations.

But for dairy farmers, a decade of low milk prices brought on by...

Manure injection passes the smell test as a best management practice

For centuries across the Chesapeake Bay region, farmers have spread manure on their fields to boost crop growth and dispose of animal waste.

Now, after decades of experimentation and false starts, injecting liquid manure into the ground, rather than on top of it, is gaining traction among mainstream farmers. The method can prevent runoff, make crops grow better and spare neighbors...

Pennsylvania power plant to stop coal ash pollution, pay $1 million fine

In a consent decree with four environmental groups, a large central Pennsylvania power plant has agreed to stop tainted water in its coal ash disposal sites from leaking into the Susquehanna River.

The Brunner Island Generating Station, located on the Susquehanna just south of Harrisburg, has agreed to close and excavate one of its active but leaking coal ash landfills and address...

Ruth Patrick’s stream research broke ground – and a glass ceiling or two

In World War II, the U.S. Navy captured a German submarine off the East Coast. But where in the world was the sub base that posed such an alarming threat to the country?

Military officials didn’t have a clue, but they scraped the crusted gunk off the bottom of the vessel and took it to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, which had an extensive collection of...

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