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PA, fed up with litter, organizes for new attack

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Just how big is Pennsylvania’s littering problem?

At any given time, there are more than half a billion cigarette butts, plastic packaging from mostly fast-food restaurants, plastic bottles and sundry other items lying along the state’s 124,000 miles of roads.

That’s about 2,018 unwanted items for every mile of road, according to a first-ever statewide litter study released...

Smallmouth woes range from contaminants to more stress at spawning sites

Smallmouth bass, a leaping delight for anglers, continue to be hounded by mysterious disappearances, low survival rates, gaudy open sores and flood-challenged spawning seasons in the Chesapeake Bay region.

At a recent summit, fisheries biologists, anglers and fishing guides from Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania came together to assess the health of smallmouths...

Solar project proposed for Gettysburg area farmland draws pushback

Pennsylvania, like other states in the Chesapeake Bay region, wants to combat climate change with more renewable energy. But, as happened with some recent solar proposals in Maryland and Virginia, going green has some people seeing red.

Such is the case near the Civil War mecca of Gettysburg, where a proposal to build Pennsylvania’s largest solar project across nearly 1,000 acres...

PA sets lofty goals for climate action, but can it achieve them?

Pennsylvania, which ranks fourth in the nation in its emissions of climate-altering carbon dioxide, took a much bolder stance in addressing climate change in 2019, at least in words.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf unveiled four separate actions aimed at curbing climate change, each bolder than the one before.

Wolf started off in January 2019 by issuing an executive order that set the...

Small PA communities say no to stormwater mandate

This is the way the 4,000 residents in the small borough of Greencastle, PA, figure it: They occupy a mere 1.6 square miles. They have a state-of-the-art sewage plant. There are no farms in the town. Almost all of the housing developments have rain-catching basins. A streetsweeper cleanses streets frequently.

They say they are not sending a lot of polluted stormwater into the lone...

Report says 4 of 6 Bay states cut funding, staff for top agencies handling pollution

Four of 6 states in the Chesapeake Bay region cut funding or staff to their main pollution control agency over the last 10 years, says a report released today by the Environmental Integrity Project.

Environmental agencies in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York each saw budget reductions, even after adjustments for inflation, between 2008 and 2018, according to the report, The Thin...

Group sues PA for violating state’s Environmental Rights Amendment

In 2017, Pennsylvania’s environmental laws were turned upside down when the state Supreme Court ruled that the state, and possibly municipalities, were trustees of public lands and required to protect them for future generations.

Seizing on that broad and still unsettled mandate, the Pennsylvania Environmental Defense Foundation is suing the state agency responsible for 2.2...

Will the private sector get a crack at reducing nutrient pollution in PA?

Pennsylvania, which is badly lagging in meeting its Chesapeake Bay cleanup goals, may become the first state to rely heavily on the private sector to help solve its pollution ills.

After 5 years of failed attempts, a bill is moving forward that would pay private companies, joint farmer ventures and potentially other organizations to reduce nutrient pollution in Bay drainage...

Scientists raise alarm as North American bird populations plummet

It’s hard to imagine a world without birds chirping outside in the morning or during a stroll in the woods. But a new study has found that birds are in serious decline across North America, including in the Chesapeake Bay region.

There are nearly 3 billion fewer birds in North America than there were in 1970 — a 29% decline during a single human lifetime, according to the study...

Warmer temperatures could have chilling effect on fall foliage

Autumn leaf peepers in Chesapeake Bay states may be disappointed by more muted colors because of climate change, scientists say.

“Dull falls” may be added to the string of detriments climate change may bring, according to a 2018 report recently highlighted by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. “Climate change is disrupting the timing of natural...

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