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Conditions in James River lead to proposal for new chlorophyll levels

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​The James River poses one of the most perplexing cleanup challenges in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, according to researchers who have attempted to unravel its mysteries.

Its tidal waters range from nearly as salty as any ocean to as fresh as any inland lake. Its many twists and turns slow downstream flow to a crawl, providing a potential breeding ground for harmful algae blooms....

Chesapeake health improvement is slow and steady, report shows

The Chesapeake Bay restoration is inching forward, but several critical actions are lagging, threatening to knock the effort off track.

The annual checkup from the state-federal Chesapeake Bay Program, released Tuesday, shows that 42% of the Bay and its tidal tributaries met water quality standards during the 2015–17 assessment period. That’s up 2 percentage points from 2014–16...

Saltwater intrusion laying waste to Delmarva farms as sea level rises

Bob Fitzgerald and his ancestors have farmed the same land on Maryland’s Eastern Shore off and on since 1666. He will be the last.

Dubbed “Waller’s Adventure,” the 160-acre farm has begun sinking at an alarming rate. What started as a “little wet spot” has swollen in just the last few years into a bowl-shaped, 2-acre void, Fitzgerald said.

“You can see where it’s dead soil,” he...

Ospreys, their fate once up in the air, soar again over Chesapeake

Ospreys are a familiar sight on the edges of the Chesapeake Bay and in the tidal reaches of its tributaries, as abundant as sailboats on a sunny weekend afternoon in spring.

Drawn by warming weather, the promise of plentiful food and shallow water in which to hunt, they return to the Bay watershed every March. As remarkably adaptable birds of prey, ospreys can be found on every...

Academy prepares citizens to lead the way in Bay cleanup

Maya Alexander wants to help a school in Maryland’s Anne Arundel County gain its “green” certification. She is committed to volunteering for months, training students how to save energy, recycle classroom waste and collect rainwater to water plants.

A 24-year-old with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Alexander said she hopes to dedicate her career — whatever that turns out to be...

Chicken-rendering plant expansion draws critics on Eastern Shore

Carlton Nabb measures the health of the Transquaking River by the fish he catches in it.

When he was young, he could hook perch, catfish, crappies, bass and more in the waterway, which winds through Dorchester County’s farm country on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. In recent years, the 73-year-old said, its waters have been furnishing mostly mud shad, snakehead and other species with...

Poultry industry critics fight to clear the air on emissions

Maryland residents have long raised concerns about the potential health impacts of emissions from poultry houses on the Eastern Shore. Now, as the state Department of the Environment launches an industry-supported air monitoring plan, there’s debate about whether that plan can deliver quality results.

Some residents and environmental groups are proposing a different approach, now...

After millions spent, MD’s solution for excess manure still elusive

For the last few years, Jason Lambertson’s farm near Pocomoke City, MD, has been home to an expensive experiment.

The third-generation farmer received nearly $1 million in state funding to build a giant poultry waste converter and distribute its main product: fertilizer. Inside two-story-tall gray tanks, bacteria eat tons of manure collected from four of his chicken houses. At the...

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