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Students paddle Susquehanna with teacher who’s seen it all

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If your science teacher has kayaked from the source of the Susquehanna River to the Chesapeake Bay, you can bet that she’ll join right in when her students spend a day canoeing on the Bay’s biggest source of freshwater.

And Desiree Fox, a science teacher at Crossroads Middle School of Lewisberry, PA, did just that on a sun-drenched school day in September. Twenty Crossroads...

First of Elizabeth River tributaries made safe for boating

A quarter century ago, Norfolk’s Lafayette River was in a miserable state, fouled with sewage spills, pet waste and a toxic mixture of other pollutants in one of the Chesapeake Bay’s most degraded tributaries. Authorities warned city dwellers against any contact with the water that sloshed against the shoreline.

Fed up and under regulatory pressure, the city and concerned...

DC ready to ramp up its stormwater trading program

An unusual strategy designed to slash the amount of stormwater pouring off the District of Columbia’s buildings and pavement into its streams and rivers is bearing fruit and might be poised for major growth.

Since 2014, newly planned large developments in the nation’s capital have been required to contain the first 1.2 inches of rain that falls on their property in a storm....

VMRC balancing demands of oyster growers, homeowners on Lynnhaven

The legendary Lynnhaven River oyster, reputedly the favorite of royalty and presidents in centuries past, is now at the heart of a local dispute that even George Washington might have had trouble settling.

According to Karen Forget (pronounced “for-ZHAY”), executive director of the environmental group Lynnhaven River Now, the river has the distinction of being the only urban...

As foreign plants spread, you can’t see the forest for the weeds

Foreigners are taking over the Chesapeake Bay region, but not the ones some politicians are talking about this election season.

Largely unnoticed and even abetted by unwitting residents, legions of plants from Asia, Europe and other parts of the world are spreading across the 64,000-square-mile watershed, gradually replacing many of the grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and even...

Use of porous pavement catching on despite high price, maintenance

Imagine driving into a parking lot on a rainy day and trying to find that spot where you can get out of your car without stepping into a puddle. Happens all the time, right?

Not always. A small, but growing number of parking lots remain puddle-free in wet weather because they have porous pavement that soaks up the rain. And it does more than keep one’s shoes dry.


Ruling Could Unleash Solar Power Growth in Virginia

A recent Virginia regulatory ruling could make it much easier for homeowners, businesses and other building owners to go solar, potentially boosting the state’s lagging efforts to generate power from the sun.

A hearing examiner for the State Corporation Commission, Virginia’s utility regulator, ruled that nothing in state law bars ratepayers from tapping third-party financing...

To make roads safer, let wild cougars roam, scientists suggest

The ever-increasing population of white-tailed deer in the Bay watershed and the resulting human health and environmental problems could be reduced without resorting to hunting or any other human intervention, according to some wildlife scientists.

The remedy? Allow the return to the Eastern United States of one of the animal species that helped keep deer populations in check...

Booming wood pellet production inching toward watershed forests

A growing industry that’s harvesting “woody biomass” from forests for energy generation could gain a toehold soon in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Like virtually every other form of energy, it’s also generating intense debate about its environmental impact.

Biomass from trees is already used to generate a small amount of power in the United States; wood chips generate...

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