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An early climate leader, MD now at odds over how to address worsening threats

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In the race to head off the worst impacts of climate change, Maryland has been a leader among states in the Chesapeake Bay watershed — and in the nation, for that matter.

But the Hogan administration and climate activists are now at odds over whether the state is doing enough, given the lack of federal action and increasing urgency with which scientists say bolder actions are...

Targeting male crabs for harvest may put a squeeze on reproduction

It turns out there could be a price to pay for eating all those “jimmies.” Scientists at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center have found that the focus of Chesapeake Bay commercial and recreational crabbers on catching male crabs is preventing some female crabs from having as many offspring as they could.

The Bay’s crab fishery is currently regulated to limit the harvest...

Maryland to phase in manure restrictions without delay

Maryland Agriculture Secretary Joseph Bartenfelder declared Monday that he saw no need to delay a state regulation that restricts the use of animal manure to fertilize farm fields, despite a study warning there are likely to be problems dealing with the excess manure that is expected to result.

Bartenfelder, in a letter to a departmental advisory committee, said that he was basing...

Virginia menhaden fishery threatened with moratorium

Virginia faces a threatened shutdown of its large commercial fishery for Atlantic menhaden after federal officials found the state had allowed too many of the commercially and ecologically important fish to be taken from the Chesapeake Bay.

In a letter released Thursday, the head of the Commerce Department agency that regulates federally managed fisheries declared Virginia out of...

Chesapeake Bay restoration gets a boost in federal funding

Federal funding for Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts is in line for a boost in the big spending package passed this week by Congress.

Increased Bay-related funding is included in a pair of appropriations bills totaling nearly $1.4 trillion that were agreed upon by delegations from the House and Senate to fund most federal agencies through Sept. 30, 2020, the end of this budget...

MD files suit over ‘black liquor’ discharges into North Branch of Potomac River

State environmental regulators are taking legal action against the owners of a closed paper mill in Western Maryland, alleging that it is continuing to pollute the North Branch of the Potomac River.

Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh announced Monday that he had filed suit in Allegany County Circuit Court against Verso Luke, LLC and its parent company, Verso Corp.


No delay urged in MD restrictions on use of animal manure as fertilizer

A Maryland advisory committee urged state agriculture officials Friday not to hold up a regulation restricting the use of animal manure to fertilize farm fields, even though a study found the state was not prepared to deal with the excess manure that could result.

Officials with the Maryland Department of Agriculture had asked the 19-member advisory group whether, in light of the...

Oyster farms make slight improvement in water quality

It’s easy to demonstrate the filtering prowess of oysters by placing them in a small aquarium and filling it with algae-clouded water. Within a few hours, as time-lapse YouTube videos show, the glass tank is nearly crystal clear.

It’s tougher to see that happen in the wild, though. A recent field study by researchers with the Virginia Institute of Marine Science found that oyster...

MD Port Administration gives $500,000 to revive community waterfront

A novel plan to refurbish an old waterfront park near Baltimore with sand and silt dredged from the harbor has received its first major infusion of the cash needed to make it a reality.

Community leaders in Turner Station, a historically African American neighborhood in Dundalk southeast of the city, cheered the announcement last week that the Maryland Port Administration would...

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