Chesapeake Uncharted

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Season 2: Killer Storm Agnes

Remnants of Hurricane Agnes devasted parts of the Chesapeake Bay region, especially along the Susquehanna River, and made a lasting mark on the Bay itself. Relive its arrival in 1972 and consider how communities may or may not be prepared for a similar storm in the future.

In 1972, remnants of Hurricane Agnes devastated river towns, wrought ecological havoc and boosted cries to restore the Chesapeake Bay. Has it changed how we prepare for such storms in the future?

How a radio station in central Pennsylvania defied official weather experts and delivered an accurate flooding forecast during Tropical Storm Agnes.

Remnants of Hurricane Agnes washed decades-worth of pollution into the Bay's fragile waters over the span of a week.

Season 1: Climate Change

How are humans and wildlife grappling with warmer temperatures, rising water and stronger storms?

See what's ahead as we explore the impacts of climate change in the Chesapeake Bay region.