While Sierra Club Lower Eastern Shore Group Chair Susan Olsen expresses disappointment that citizens and business owners worry about the adverse visual impacts of the 100 large industrial scale windmills planned for placement in the Atlantic Ocean off Ocean City, MD (Bay Journal, September 2020), I must express my disappointment that the Sierra Club has seemingly lost its interest in protecting the natural landscapes of America.  In its single-minded passion for renewable energy, it has forgotten what led its founders to create the Sierra Club in the first place.

The natural world is what drew and draws so many of us to the conservation movement. Natural landscapes across the nation are increasingly being scarred by industrial-scale solar fields and windmill farms, not to mention related overhead power lines, access roads and other appurtenances associated with these facilities. 

At the risk of being scoffed at as a “climate denier,” I believe the jury is still out on whether the warming we see today is predominately caused by human emissions or is principally or wholly a natural process as the Earth recovers from the Little Ice Age, which ended in 1850. Many will passionately disagree with me on that but, in any event, we should not decimate our natural landscapes in an effort to remediate what we think is occurring. The natural beauty of America is not a small thing — treating its damage or destruction as acceptable collateral damage in the war on climate change is misguided and wrong.

Mark Perreault

Norfolk, VA

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