People across Maryland can breathe easier after a court ruling this past fall temporarily stopped seismic airgun blasting. Seismic airgun blasting uses dynamite-like blasts of compressed air to find oil and gas deep underneath the ocean floor. Their use can be very harmful to marine life. This is why eleven local governments across Maryland, including Baltimore, Annapolis, and Ocean City, formally oppose seismic airgun blasting. The fight to stop seismic airgun blasting has raged since the beginning of the Obama administration, so the October ruling is a significant step forward for Bay communities.

Searching for oil and gas with seismic airguns is shortsighted and dangerous. It would put countless businesses along the Bay and the Atlantic Ocean at risk. In Maryland alone, 96,000 jobs and $6B in GDP depend on an oil-free coast.

A recent oil spill that traveled from Delaware to the shores of Ocean City proves that spilled oil, and its financial obligations, don’t respect state lines. It’s time Maryland’s representatives in Congress passed permanent protections from seismic airgun blasting and offshore drilling.


Jacob Ross


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