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Delmarva Conservation Corridor benefits economy, ecology

Twenty years ago, driving across the Bay Bridge from Annapolis to Kent Island, even the casual visitor to the Delmarva Peninsula knew they had encountered a special place. Unlike much of the rest of the East Coast, productive farmland and...

Practical solutions for the filter-feeder question

The present draft Bay Agreement calls for a tenfold increase in oysters. This represents a long-needed step in the right direction. John Martin’s commentary, “Don’t under estimate the role of filter feeders in nutrient question”...

Bay Program should re-examine priorities of Chesapeake 2000

According to Andrew Loftus’ commentary, “Chesapeake 2000: a legacy to be proud of or just another document?” (Bay Journal, December 1999), it appears that the Chesapeake 2000 agreement will be pointing the Bay Program toward a set of...

VAMWA members staunch supporters of Bay Program goals

I am writing on behalf on the Virginia Association of Municipal Wastewater Agencies in response to Bill Matuszeski’s Notes from Bayside commentary that appeared in the September issue of the Bay Journal. VAMWA is compelled to write because...


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