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Opinion: Chesapeake Born

Fate of Chesapeake streams hanging in the balance

From a small stream, big questions. How can Baltimore County, affluent and progressive among Bay watershed jurisdictions, let one of its most special environments decline? Why must its citizens fight so hard and constantly and long to...

Immigration reform needs to be handled very carefully

What if they held an environmental crisis and no one cared? What if a law moving through Congress would significantly harm clean water, open space, Chesapeake Bay? You’d hear the alarms, strong and clear, from the largest national...

Climate change is the real bogeyman, not nuclear energy

For too long, many environmentalists have been ambivalent about nuclear energy. It conjures fears: meltdowns, cancers, Chernobyl, Fukushima, overtones of nuclear bombs. Yet we also know that nuclear power provides 70 percent of all the...


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About Chesapeake Born

Observations from Tom Horton, who spent more than three decades writing about the Chesapeake for the Baltimore Sun, and is author of six books about the Bay. A native of the Eastern shore, he truly is “Chesapeake Born.”

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