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Opinion: Chesapeake Born

Here’s a word to the wise on Chesapeake Bay: Full

In the beginning was the Word .… and the word was Full. So, I didn’t invent the foregoing writing technique; but sometimes it’s best to just begin at the beginning: Distill your focus to a word and probe the implications...

How can we understand a Chesapeake we’ve never seen?

“Why will you ask for other glories when you have soft crabs?” — Oliver Wendell Holmes, chiding Baltimore in an 1860 essay Nowadays, around 350 million to 450 million blue crabs inhabit Chesapeake Bay, according to accurate...


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About Chesapeake Born

Observations from Tom Horton, who spent more than three decades writing about the Chesapeake for the Baltimore Sun, and is author of six books about the Bay. A native of the Eastern shore, he truly is “Chesapeake Born.”

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