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Bay Journal Media produces films that explore the problems facing the Chesapeake Bay. The following films are special projects highlighting Chesapeake Bay blue crabs and the impact of sea-level rise on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Beautiful Swimmers

A film by Tom Horton, Dave Harp and Sandy Cannon-Brown (2016).

It’s been 40 years since William W. Warner’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Beautiful Swimmers, introduced us to the Chesapeake Bay blue crab — a creature that’s been captivating diners and scientists alike ever since.

Now, the Bay Journal presents Beautiful Swimmers Revisited, in which Tom Horton narrates a journey around the Bay to look in on those who catch, study and eat blue crabs. Iconic images of the Bay, fishermen and the beautiful blue crab itself weave the story together as it’s told from kayaks, fishing boats, research vessels and Horton’s 21-foot skiff.

High Tide in Dorchester

A film by Tom Horton, Dave Harp and Sandy Cannon-Brown.

March 2018: If the consequences of global warming and higher sea levels are distant concepts for you, come on down to Dorchester County, ground zero for sea level rise along the Maryland portion of the Chesapeake Bay.  Observe the dying forests, sunken tombstones and waterlogged home foundations of vanished communities, and hear warnings from scientists and the stories of residents who may soon need to retreat because of higher water.

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