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For wren and writer, home is where the birdhouse hangs

Well before sunrise in early May it started: a loud chattering, burbling, cascading torrent of notes. From just outside our bedroom window, the birdsong filled the early morning air. It would continue virtually all day and go on well into the summer.

Our avian alarm clock was at it again. The house wren, one of America’s most well-known songsters, was busy attracting a mate and establishing his territory. His warbling, trilling song would periodically change to a harsh, raspy scold when anything (or anybody!) approached his prized mate or nest.

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Beginning New Year on the right webbed foot

The temperature was a few degrees above freezing and the evening darkness was just starting to give way to the New Year as we entered the wildlife refuge. Sliding past scores of ducks and Canada geese as they began to grow restless on the...


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About On the Wing

Observing the birds of our region brings perspective about their lives, and ours.

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