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Atlas helps birders move beyond naming a bird to knowing it

March is a funny month. Sometimes spring seems here to stay. Then, a cold blast barrels through, and mud puddles turn icy and warm coats are needed.

It was late March 2019, and the weather couldn’t make up its mind. It started dreary and damp, but the clouds were clearing and the temperature was rising. We took advantage of the brightening skies to take a walk around a local park.

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For wren and writer, home is where the birdhouse hangs

Well before sunrise in early May it started: a loud chattering, burbling, cascading torrent of notes. From just outside our bedroom window, the birdsong filled the early morning air. It would continue virtually all day and go on well into the...

Common gallinule uncommonly delightful in any landscape

The bald eagles were everywhere we looked, soaring through the summer sky and perching on top of a half-dozen loblolly pines. There were mature adults and several younger birds, and all of it was exhilarating. My wife, Pat, had entered the...


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About On the Wing

Observing the birds of our region brings perspective about their lives, and ours.

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