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Let’s talk turkey about Thanksgiving’s most famous icon

During November there is a tradition that links almost all Americans. And I am not talking about the U.S. holiday, Thanksgiving.

Instead, think back to the first time you drew a turkey (or showed a child how to draw one). It’s the same process: Trace your fingers and palm on a piece of paper and fill it in with bright colors to conjure up this large bird with fanned-out feathers. This was your first wild turkey!

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Look up, look down: September’s changes are all around

Although the month of September can still hold some sultry days, wildlife throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed is already receiving signals that autumn is coming. Tree leaves have yet to change to warmer hues, but you’ll catch small...

Plants & pollinators: Can’t have one without the other

Plants, like animals, must create offspring for the next generation. One way they do this is by producing seeds that contain the genetic information to grow a new plant. Seeds develop when pollen is transferred between flowers of the same...

Gifts for the holidays, resolutions for the New Year!

With the holiday season upon us, our attention turns to giving gifts to friends and family or ways to contribute to charities. Thoughts also turn toward New Year’s resolutions as we look for ways to improve ourselves or our world. So...

Bee grateful this Thanksgiving for native pollinators

Many people do not realize that native bees have been pollinating the continent’s flowering plants long before honey bees were brought from Europe. As bees move from flower to flower collecting nectar, they also move pollen from flower...


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