What am I?

A zebra swallowtail feeds on butterfly weed. (US Fish and Wildlife Service)

It’s a wild world out there and the Chesapeake Bay is no exception. Here is a list of species you might encounter while hiking in the Chesapeake watershed. All you need to do is figure out what kind of species it is. Answers are below.

Black racer

Common five-lined skink

Eastern gray beardtongue


Hen of the woods

Hop hornbeam




Zebra swallowtail

A. Bird

B. Butterfly

C. Lizard

D. Mammal

E. Mineral

F. Mushroom

G. Shrub

H. Snake

I. Tree

J. Wildflower


A. Bird: Killdeer

B. Butterfly: Zebra Swallowtail

C. Lizard: Common Five-lined Skink

D. Mammal: Fisher

E. Mineral: Serpentine

F. Mushroom: Hen of the Woods

G. Shrub: Witch Hazel

H. Snake: Black Racer

I. Tree: Hop Hornbeam

J. Wildflower: Eastern Gray Beardtongue

Kathleen Gaskell is the Bay Journal's copy and layout editor and author of the Chesapeake Challenge. Contact Kathleen at kgaskell@bayjournal.com.

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