Bald Cypress

Bald cypress rise from the water at Trap Pond State Park near Laurel, DE. 

Here are 10 scrambled words related to the bald cypress, along with a clue to their identities. Stuck? All of the information you need is in the September Bay Naturalist column. Answers below.

1. WSPAM __________________

This is the type of habitat where bald cypress are found.

2. SNEEK ___________________

Instead of growing down, these unusual roots help to anchor the bald cypress by growing upward.



The bald cypress is a member of this family of trees.



This little piece of land sticks out of the water and remains moist. Bald cypress seeds must land on one of these if they are to sprout and grow.

5. ONCE ________________

This is the part of the bald cypress that bears flowers and seeds.

6. EWIND ________________

The trunk of the bald cypress does this near the bottom of the tree to help support it.



This is the hard interior of a tree’s trunk. The bald cypress’ is valued because it remains strong, even when exposed to soil or water.



This is another water-tolerant tree that sometimes grows near bald cypress. It has hard, spiky fruit.



This tree, found in the same habitat as bald cypresses, bears yellowish orange to reddish orange fruit that creates a dry sensation in the mouth when eaten.



This songbird, found in the same habitat as the bald cypress, builds a domed nest, woven from plants, on the ground.


1. Swamp  2. Knees  3. Redwood  4. Hummock  5. Cones  6. Widen  7. Heartwood  8. Sweet gum  9. Persimmon  10. Ovenbird

Kathleen Gaskell is the Bay Journal's copy and layout editor and author of the Chesapeake Challenge. Contact Kathleen at

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