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Chesapeake Biological Laboratory Seminar – Solomons Island Bay Grasses

April 17, 2018

7:00pm - 8:00pm


Chesapeake Biological Laboratory’s Bernie Fowler Lab, 142 Williams Street, Solomons, MD 20688

In the summer of 2017, Bay grasses appeared in front of CBL on Solomons Island for the first time in over four decades. Often considered a ‘canary in a coal mine’, Bay grasses are often an indicator of improving or degrading water conditions and their appearance off Solomons reflects a recent improvement in Chesapeake Bay water quality. Dr. Jeremy Testa will tell the story of Bay grasses in the Patuxent, and will describe how it plays into a wider picture of change in Chesapeake Bay over the past several decades.

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Pre-registration is not required. Seating is available first-come, first-served for this free event.


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