Quick! Where’s a great place to look for wildlife in winter? How many of you said Washington, DC? Well, there are plenty of creatures out and about in the nation’s Capital, if you know where to look. Here is a list of five creatures. Can you match them with their descriptions?

Blue Jay
White-tailed Deer
Painted Turtle

1. On a very warm day in the winter, this creature might be found basking in the sun. Most of the winter, though, it is hibernating in water, either under a log or debris or in the lodge of a beaver or muskrat. Some of the places to look for this animal include the C&O Canal National Historic Park, Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, Rock Creek Park or Roosevelt Island.

2. Although there is a large population of this animal in Washington, DC, it is not easily seen because it hangs out in trees during the day and doesn’t come down to look for food until night. It is most often sighted near trash cans, but also forages for food along streams or in wet areas.

3. This animal is found almost anywhere there are large trees. It is especially easy to spot in winter when large numbers of this creature migrate to the District to join those who live there year-round. It may store or hide several thousand acorns in the fall, many of which are forgotten and sprout into baby trees.

4. This animal’s fur, which is reddish brown in the summer, turns grayish brown in winter. It is most likely to be seen in early morning or early evening. Some places to look for this creature are Glover-Archbold Park, Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, Rock Creek Park or along the C&O Canal National Historic Park.

5. This creature’s bright feathers and head crest stand out, especially when there is snow on the ground. The male has bright red feathers and an orange-red beak. The female’s body is buffy tan, but her wings and tail are red. If you see one that is colored like a female, but has a blackish beak, it is a youngster.


1. Painted Turtle
2. Raccoon
3. Blue Jay
4. White-Tailed Deer
5. Cardinal