Cities throughout the Chesapeake watershed have been commemorating the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812 and the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Here is a list of people, places and things that relate to one or the other of these wars. Can you place each one in its proper slot in the accompanying chart? Some answers may fit in more than one slot, but there is only one solution that fills the chart using each name only once. Answers are on page 20.

Abraham Lincoln
Andrew Jackson
Baltimore Clipper Barbara Fritchie
Battle Hymn of the Republic
David G. Farragut
Dolley Madison
Fort McHenry
Fort Sumter
Impressment of sailors
James Madison
Joshua Barney
North / South
Star-Spangled Banner
U.S. /Britain
Ulysses Grant
USS Constitution
USS Monitor
Washington, DC


Civil War:
1. Abraham Lincoln 
2. Fort Sumter
3. North/South
4. Antietam
5. Ulysses Grant
6. David
G. Farragut
7. USS Monitor
8. Battle Hymn of the Republic
9. Slavery
10. Ironclad
12. Barbara Fritchie

War of 1812:
1. James Madison
2. Fort McHenry
3. U.S./Britain
4. Washington, DC
5. Andrew Jackson
6. Joshua Barney
7. USS Constitution
8. Star-Spangled Banner
9. Impressment of sailors
10. Baltimore Clipper
11. Dolley Madison