Did you know that water in a stream or river must fall at least 5 vertical feet to be classified as a true waterfall? Here are some other waterfall definitions. It is up to you to unscramble the term. Answers are below.

1. T H U C E  This is a waterfall that descends in a really steep, thin channel.
2. S T R E C  This is the top of a waterfall, where the stream starts its descent.
3. S E B A  This is the bottom of a fall, where the water stops descending.
4. N E G L U P   P O L O  Sometimes, the falling water erodes a deep indentation at the point where the stream stops descending. This is the term for that hole.
5. C A R T A C T A  This is a waterfall that plummets through a series of rapids, cascades or falls, usually through a narrow ravine.
6. D E C A S C A  This is a waterfall, or a combination of waterfalls, that drop down steep boulders or rocks.
7. G U N P E L  This is a waterfall that, from its top to bottom, does not touch the face of the cliff it is descending.
8. D E L I S  This fall never loses contact with the shallow-sloped wall it is descending. 



1. Chute; 2. Crest; 3. Base; 4. Plunge pool; 5. Cataract; 6. Cascade; 7. Plunge; 8. Slide