Many of the plant and wildlife species that are now common weren’t here when the first European settlers began arriving in the 1600s. In each of the categories below, only one of the species listed is native to the Chesapeake region. All of the others are newcomers. Can you pick the native species?


A. Firefly

B. Gypsy Moth

C. Honey Bee

D. Praying Mantis


A. Black Rat

B. Brown Hare

C. Gray Squirrel

D. House Mouse


A. Chickweed

B. Pokeweed

C. Queen Anne’s Lace

D. Watercress


A. Barn Swallow

B. Cattle Egret

C. House Sparrow

D. Starling


A. Black Walnut

B. Oleaster

C. Tree-of-Heaven

D. Weeping Willow

Turnabout is fair play

Which of these plants is a North American species that was introduced to Europe?

A. Dandelion

B. Mile-a-Minute

C. Multiflora Rose

D. Poison Ivy

Answers: Insects: A, Mammals: C, Plant: B, Birds: A, Trees/Shrubs: A, Turnabout: D