I'm sure you will agree that it's more eye-catching, and easier to navigate, than our old site. But the changes go deeper. Our home page is divided into sections  -- news, blogs, features, opinion and travel -- which makes it easier to find particular types os stories. Also new are the topics pages, which categorize articles into specific themes, such as pollution, fisheries, wildlife & habitat, etc.

The site is also better adopted to new technologies. It was built with a process called Responsive Web Design. If you use a smartphone or tablet, it automatically reformats to display on the devise you're using, instead of just shrinking the page to fit. That makes reading it a whole lot easier, and with less pinching and scrolling.

I'd like to thank Mike Land and Guy Stephens for their work on the site, from its conceptualization to implementation, over the past year. They also deserve kudos for their work our sister site, www.bayjourneys.com which was also just launched.

Still, this site is not finished. We are in the process of categorizing years of back issues for the topics pages. In the coming months we'll also be posting the first three years of Bay Journals, from 1991-1994, which have never been online. We have other plans in the works to help make best use of the site which will be implemented over time.

In the meantime, feel free to let us know what you think, and alert us to any bugs you may find.