Can you match up these famous Virginians with facts about them?

Patrick Henry

Robert E. Lee

John Smith


George Washington

1. This Virginian is the first U.S. president. He also organized a fishing operation that caught almost 1 million shad and herring in six weeks, as well as a venture that built canals and locks to make it easier for boats to travel on the Potomac River.

2. This Virginian is most famous his “Give me liberty or give me death!” speech. After the U.S. Revolution, he played a major role in developing the Bill of Rights, which protects the rights of individuals.

3. This leader at Jamestown was one of the first Europeans to explore the Chesapeake and its waterways. His map of his trips was very elaborate and accurate.

4. This Virginian’s real name was Matoaka, which means “Little Snow Feather.” Her famous nickname means “playful one.” After she was baptized, she was called Rebecca. She is known for her courage and kindness, including bringing food to the starving colonists in Jamestown.

5. This Virginian was in charge of the Confederate Army. After the war, he worked to reconcile the North and South. He became president of Washington College (now Washington and Lee University) in Lexington.


George Washington 2. Patrick Henry 3. John Smith 4. Pocahontas 5. Robert E. Lee.