Here's hoping you don't get "bogged down" in this quiz about bog turtles.

1. The bog turtle is a relatively small turtle. A full-size turtle is usually:

A. 1-2.5 inches
B. 2-3.5 inches
C. 3-4.5 inches
D. 4-5.5 inches

2. The bog turtle is mostly brown with a conspicuous blotch on its neck. What colors are this mark?

A. Dark green to greenish yellow
B. Yellowish orange to red
C. Pale blue to gray
D. Crimson to deep purple

3. The bog turtle escapes both extreme heat and extreme cold by:

A. Burying itself in the mud
B. Immersing itself in the waters of freshwater streams where it lives
C. Covering itself with marsh grasses
D. Hiding under a rock

4. The bog turtle is also known as the:

A. Freshwater spring turtle
B. Muhlenberg's turtle
C. Tussock turtle
D. Wetland turtle

5. What do bog turtles eat?

A. Insects
B. Tadpoles
C. Wild berries
D. All of the above

6. Although grassy wetlands are the bog turtle's preferred habitat, they are occasionally found in:

A. Drainage ditches
B. Small ponds
C. Shady streams
D. Wet pastures

7. What months are bog turtles typically most active:

A. April to mid-October
B. May to mid-November
C. May to August
D. June to September

8. The fragmentation of bog turtle habitat makes it easier for which of these animals to prey on bog turtles?

A. Foxes
B. Hawks
C. Raccoons
D. Both A & C


1-C 2-B 3-A 4-B 5-D 6-D 7-A 8-D