The Chesapeake Bay watershed is home to a variety of trees. How many can you find in the sentences below?

Example: Them lockers sure need cleaning.

1. It annoys me the way Abe echoes everything I say.

2. Don’t soak silk in hot water.

3. That wheel will spin extra fast if you grease the axle.

4. On our next hike, don’t forget the map leading to the overlook.

5. Nancy pressured Harold to try to get ahead.

6. Don’t panic, her rye bread recipe is easy to follow.

7. Do you want your chick or your ducky squeaky toy?

8. I will owe you only fifty cents after I give you this dollar.

9. A shriek in the dark raised the hair on the back of my neck.

10. Early frontiersmen would trap plenty of beaver before returning to an outpost.

11. Pop Larry’s letter in the mailbox on your way out.

12. “Is this sum a correct answer?” Dave asked for a fifth time.

13. I_sliced a radish and an onion into the salad.

14. Michael made this cabinet all by himself.

15. Bored buddies soon talk each other into mischief.


1. beech 2. oak 3. pine 4. maple 5. cypress 6. cherry 7. hickory 8. willow 9. ash 10. apple 11. poplar 12. sumac 13. cedar 14. elm 15. redbud