If only the ancient Native Americans could see where they once lived along the Chesapeake Bay. What it looks like today would make them very sad in their hearts.

These people had much respect for the land, the Bay and its waterways, unlike the people who live here today. Today, people pollute the banks of the tributaries with their trash every day.

I have no respect for these people because they are destroyers of the waterways and shorelines along the Chesapeake Bay.

They dump their worthless garbage—everything from kitchen trash such as cans, papers, bottles and those stupid plastic bags from food stores to home improvement debris like drywall and roofing materials. I have even seen pieces of furniture—couches and beds—down by the creeks.

I, myself, have witnessed this garbage make its way into the Bay, and believe me, it is not a pretty sight.

As for the ancient Native Americans, the only things they left along this polluted waste are their tools of stone, their only trace.

Vince Sala
Dundalk, MD