As I write this letter, it may well be a moot point. Five hundred twenty-five poor dumb birds may already be the fodder of game hunters and trophy collectors. I hope that’s not the case. There wasn’t much sport in their sport, though.

How ironic. In a period when there is an absolute void in leadership from the Chesapeake Executive Council the Chesapeake Bay Program and Maryland’s DNR have resolved that the most important thing we can to do to save the Chesapeake is to facilitate a hunting season on mute swans.

Dare we install Biological Nutrient Removal at all wastewater plants? No!

Dare we crack down on industries discharging toxic glop into the Bay? No!

Dare we require the farm industry to reduce nutrients? No!

(Particularly them chicken industry farms. Absolutely no way!)

Dare we curtail wastes from the fleet of recreational boaters? No!

Dare we demand that watermen avoid removing the last edible critter from the Bay? No! (Hell, lets give ’em a subsidy!)

How about killing 525 dumb birds? Yeah, that’s the ticket! It’ll make it look like we’re really doing something and provide some trophy opportunities for the good ole boys.

Thank you for your inspiring leadership, Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Or is it Maryland Department of Depleting Resources?

Neil Ridgely
Reisterstown, MD