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Mysteries and curiosities abound in and around the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed from its past through the present. Here are a few of the more unusual events or items that have taken place, as well as the sciences that explore them. Can you match up the descriptions to a word in the list? Note: There are more potential answers than descriptions; it is up to you to discover which are real, and which are figures of the author's imagination.

1. The study of phenomena that cannot be explained by science.

2. Scientists believe that this sea monster/serpent that people have spotted in the Chesapeake over the years may actually have been a sea turtle, Atlantic sturgeon or manatee.

3. This is the study of unknown creatures.

4. Many White House guests have reportedly seen the ghost of this president. In a famous legend, this president reportedly told his friends about a dream the night before in which he watched mourners in the White House. When he asked who the dead man was, he was told it was the president, who had been assassinated. He was shot to death later that day.

5. Several attempts were made to establish this "Lost Colony" between 1585-87. A promised resupply ship was delayed three years because of England's naval war with Spain. When ships finally arrived, all of the approximately 115 colonists had disappeared; and the town had been disassembled. One of Capt. John Smith's tasks was to investigate their fate. There are several theories, but no one is certain what happened.

No one is sure how the fire in the coal mine below this Pennsylvania town started, only that it has been burning since 1962 despite numerous efforts to put it out. Fissures spewing dangerous levels of carbon dioxide have forced all but a few of its residents to leave, making it a modern ghost town.


1. Parapsychology
2. Chessie
3. Cryptozoology
4. Abraham Lincoln
5. Roanoke
6. Centralia