Happy 2018! As we embark on a new year, I need first to thank the many, many Bay Journal readers who made contributions to support our work during 2017. We’re sending so many thank-you letters to donors that I can’t sign them all in one sitting without getting hand cramps — and that’s actually a good thing!

We’re still adding them up, but the numbers of people donating, and the total amount given by readers, will have roughly doubled since the previous year.

Your increased support puts us in a good position to start this year, given our budget uncertainty as we appeal the decision by a political appointee at the U.S. Environmental Agency to halt a six-year grant to help produce the Bay Journal.

Many readers let off steam about that action as they wrote their checks. Just a sampling:

“Hope your appeal and the supporting letters from many satisfied Bay Journal readers convince the EPA to continue the grant. There is no alternative to the Bay Journal,” one wrote.

Said another: “The Bay Journal has long been the most in-depth and accurate publication covering the Bay … It is not surprising in this post-truth era that EPA pulls back from supporting such a respected source of information, but we cannot let them get away with it.”

Another reader told us that “the recent grant termination is illustrative of the value of an endowment. This is a perfect time to establish one.” (Actually, having an endowment is a long-term goal for our nonprofit organization, but right now, most of our money has to go toward making ends meet.)

In another sign of support, the grant controversy has also increased awareness of the Bay Journal, and our readership is growing sharply. We’re always happy to get new readers, and we especially appreciate it when readers introduce us to their friends, family and colleagues.

So, thanks for the encouraging thoughts, support and advice, and we will continue our fight to keep covering the Bay in the new year. 

After this issue, we take our midwinter break, but we’ll be back in your mailbox in March, just in time for spring. For news and updates in the interim, check in on our website, or subscribe to our weekly newsletter.  And stay warm!