The Center for Chesapeake Communities is hosting a summit, “Toward a Sustainable Chesapeake,” which will take place March 21–23 in Baltimore.

Local government representatives, planners, builders, developers, environmental organizations and state and federal agencies are invited to evaluate their own contributions to the health of the Bay; reconsider growth and development goals; unite fragmented protection efforts; and raise the current standards of environmental success.

The outcome will provide local governments with the knowledge and additional capacity to move toward a sustainable Chesapeake Bay.

The summit’s featured speakers are leaders in the national forum of sustainable development issues. Gus Garcia, a city council member in Austin, TX, is an active proponent of sustainable, livable communities, and Michael Kinsley, of the Rocky Mountain Institute, is a pioneer in the conception and practice of sustainable development. Randall Arendt, vice president of Conservation Planning at the Natural Lands Trust, is a renowned land-use planner, site designer and author. In addition, the the summit will offer a series of training workshops in four areas: nurturing sustainable economic growth, promoting innovative site planning, establishing regional approaches, and building community capacity. The workshops are designed to give local governments and others ideas that they can take back to their communities.

A forum will allow participants to offer their thoughts about the future of the Bay restoration effort to the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay and the Bay Program’s Local Government Advisory Committee.

The summit will include a series of panel sessions that address community involvement issues such as interjurisdictional cooperation issues, low-impact development, retrofitting of the suburbs, transportation, water and air quality.

For more information, or to register, call the Center for Chesapeake Communities at 410-267-8595.