The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay has been working with two schools in the District of Columbia to help restore underwater grass beds in the Anacostia River.

For the past semester, the Alliance staff has been training and supervising students and teachers to raise SAV, or submerged aquatic vegetation, in the classroom as part of their science education curriculum.

In late May, the students, working with the Alliance and other project partners, transplanted the SAV just upriver from Anacostia River Park.

The Anacostia River drains more than half of the land of the nation’s capital and is one of the most severely degraded systems within the Chesapeake watershed.

This project will make an ecological contribution to the river system while offering the students a valuable educational experience.

Teen Sojourner memorialized with BayScapes garden

A BayScapes garden was planted May 5 at boating access site in Lewisburg, PA to honor Mariah Quant, a Lewisburg High School student and participant in several Susquehanna Sojourns who was killed in a car accident last June.

Many Sojourners, who have fond memories of paddling with Mariah and were distraught with the news of her death, contributed more than $900 to a fund to develop a memorial garden.

More than 1,500 square feet was planted with native perennials, grasses, trees and shrubs. Interconnected walkways and signs will complement the plantings.

“It will serve as a beautiful, meaningful tribute to a wonderful person. She would also be very pleased with its environmental message,” said Rebecca Wertime, program coordinator with the Alliance.

Wertime, together with Mariah’s family, designed the garden. Mariah’s parents, Allan and Betsy, are proprietors of Canoe Susquehanna and have served as guides on many of the Sojourns for the last 10 years.

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